lena zell

I’m Lena (she/her), welcome to my tiny corner of the internet!

I’m a healer by means of slow existence (read: do not exhibit a laundry list of overpriced 2-day “certifications”). It’s in my bones to learn and share this stuff, I’m basically a sponge for anything spiritual or holistic. Well… a sponge with critical thinking abilities and an affinity for social justice. 

I have geeked out on various holistic modalities for years, including multiple styles of energy healing, crystal healing, plant medicine, and psychosomatic trauma integration. I’ve had some badass human teachers, but ultimately my ancestors and the spirits of the earth have been my greatest guides. AKA, I literally talk and listen to plants, minerals, dead relatives, entire bodies of water, you name it. Yeah, I do know how that must sound, and yes I’m super for real.

My approach to healing is intersectional, grounded, and a lil ratchet (we take healing seriously but not ourselves). I curse, I drink, so like if you’re looking for someone more pure to cLeAnSe YoUr AuRa, I suggest searching hashtag #loveandlight on Instagram.

I believe healing is a birthright that should be accessible to all and am actively anti-racist, anti-appropriative, and anti-capitalist in my approach to sharing these tools. 

It is a top priority for me to be as trauma-informed as possible, while also honoring the traditions, people, and lineages of spiritual tools (the two go hand-in-hand). I believe the optimal way to heal is by working with our own ancestors and exploring healing practices from the lineages we respectively carry the bloodlines of.

Listening to and uplifting the voices of BIPOC and marginalized communities is a must. I recognize that a lot of harm has been caused from New Agers cherry picking from various traditions without giving credit or understanding the cultural context (mainly to the people in which those traditions come from, but also to a lesser extent, the people doing the appropriating). I’m still learning every day, and in the process am actively seeking to suggest more grounded alternatives for spiritual seekers, as I come to understand them myself.

Healing is a lifelong process which will never be complete, therefore there is no rush. It’s my firm belief that the only way to heal is to feel absolutely everything, especially the most uncomfortable emotions. I like to say I’m a shadow worker, not a lightworker.

Right now, I am not accepting one-on-one clients (but will in the future). For companies interested in supporting their employees through a virtual wellness workshop, please email me at lenazellblog@gmail.com.

I’m not an authority on anything, I’m just a regular person muddling through life and doing her best. It’s my greatest pleasure to connect with fellow souls on their healing journeys and assist in whatever ways I can. Feel free to message me on Instagram (@lenazell_), super down to chat!

A bit about me: I’m in the second half of my 20s, queer and proud af, an ethical vegan (intersectional, very vocal, and not an asshole about it). My cultural background is Puerto Rican & Cuban from my father, and American of Swedish, Scottish, and German descent from my mother. I call Washington, DC home, and previously have lived in Paris and NYC.

Thanks for being here, I’m excited to connect with you! LOVE AND LIGHT. Just kidding. Blessings, babes. For real.
xx Lena

Instagram: @lenazell_
Email: lenazellblog@gmail.com