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Apr, 13, 2020


“Our first task in approaching another people, another culture, another religion, is to take off our shoes. For the place we are approaching is holy. Else we find ourselves treading on another’s dream. More seriously still, we may forget that God was present before our arrival”.

Raymond Hammer

this platform is interfaith and inclusive. i’m not into rich girl “spirituality.” we need people of color. LGBTQIA+. cis men. working class people. single moms. christians. muslims. trump supporters (it’s true, or they wouldn’t exist).

compassion and curiosity are key. in my experience, the more i’ve learned to approach myself this way, the more i’ve been able to extend the same to others. self-love is the only way to a kinder world, and understandably, it takes time and tools to cultivate. therefore, these tools must be accessible to everyone who wants them. we rise together, or not at all.

with everything i post, the goal is always the same: more love.

yet please don’t mistake this for a “love and light” blog. on brand with rich girl spirituality, is often spiritual bypassing. i ain’t about it. we go deep here, and i get real with my shadow, too. i’m not preaching from a podium, i’m here to share my messy journey in hopes that we can connect, human to human, for both of our benefits. even if i don’t share a personal story, know that i can’t write or know about anything unless i’ve been there myself… and usually the ugly way.

whether through delicious plant-based recipes, spiritual practices, or challenging the social and political status quo, i hope to encourage you: to be kinder to yourself and others; to explore the possibilities of the Universe with an open heart and mind; and ultimately, to live your most peaceful, joyful, soul-aligned life.

everything i share is experiential. don’t take my word, and don’t overthink. see how a practice, recipe, idea feels for you. what works for me, very well may not for you, and may not for me 6 months from now. we are fluid and unique.

i will always do my best to prevent sharing harmful or false information (particularly when it comes to health, sensitive topics, and cultures that are not my own). 3 disclaimers here. 1) as we evolve, we grow out of things. it doesn’t necessarily make them bad, it’s just that we need different tools at different times. 2) sometimes, despite best intentions and research, we can still be wrong. it’s an unavoidable side effect of being human. 3) while some facts are near-indisputable, for many things, everyone’s truth is unique, based on our own valid individual circumstances. for these reasons, i approach almost nothing with an “absolute” mentality. this is full permission to disagree with me. educate me (kindly, please) if you see i can do better. and know that if i ever f*ck up something important, i’ll be the first to own up to it.

i invite you to try what makes you curious, and leave the rest. your truth is valid; i simply ask that you show respect.

you are welcome here no matter what.


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